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Take time out from your busy day to reflect.

Try reading holy scripture or saying a prayer.


God Our Peace!

“O’ God be gracious and bless us, let your face shed its light upon us.”

This Psalm was originally used in praise of God as the people prayed for a good harvest. Rich fields and a bountiful harvest would reflect the smile of God on the people. In John’s Gospel Jesus offers several motives for consolation to the disciples before he leaves them. Every line tells us more of the smile of three divine persons towards us.

The Father comes to dwell within us: the Holy Spirit will be our inner light: the victory of Jesus will be our source of peace. The harvest that we celebrate in the Easter season brings home the fruits of Christ’s death and resurrection. We are not to worry about what the future holds. Instead, we are invited to contemplate the golden future that God has in store for his beloved people. Our ultimate future is secure.

Our merciful God is supreme, utterly to be trusted with our future, both individual and collective. With faith in God comes Peace. Even Jesus’ first greeting to the disciples after Easter was ‘Peace’. Peace is not a feeling, a kind of temporary peak experience. It’s a state of calm rising from a heart deeply and firmly established in God.
‘All will be well and all manner of things will be well.’ – Julian of Norwich.

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