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Take time out from your busy day to reflect.

Try reading holy scripture or saying a prayer.


In Moments Like These!

A lot of our churches and worship places tend to have unhelpful furniture arrangements. Seats and pews marshalled in rows, facing rigidly forward, worshippers facing one way, seated or standing shoulder to shoulder. It’s no harm to realise that the two disciples journeying to Emmaus didn’t recognise Jesus on the road. It was only when they sat face to face that they made the connection. When their focus was on the road ahead, they were blinded.

We live in a world that is constantly moving, focused on the next event rather than taking time to truly be together with another human being. We are constantly on the run, commuting, filling our free time with activities, doing taxi runs with the children, eating on the run as well. We don’t stop and talk, let alone stop and eat. And all the while people are hungry for intimacy and fellowship. But few experience it since we are living our lives without contact and face-to-face communication. Great things can happen when people meet face to face. After all ‘company’ is a word that literally means ‘with bread’.

Emmaus is not some holy place seven miles from Jerusalem - Emmaus is anyplace, anywhere where we stop and meet in our families, our workplaces, with each other. In moments like these we can experience the assuring and loving presence of God.

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