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Take time out from your busy day to reflect.

Try reading holy scripture or saying a prayer.


God Of Suprises

According to John’s gospel, after the Passover in Jerusalem and the momentous happenings of Easter, Peter and some other disciples went home to Galilee and their fishing boats. On the familiar waters of the lake they knew so well, they went fishing.
But after a night when they caught no fish, common sense told them it was time to sail for home. Then, they heard the voice of Jesus, telling them to throw their nets over the boat’s right side into the waters. Suddenly, the nets filled with fish and the catch was so large that the disciples could hardly bring it ashore.
When they reached land, Jesus had a charcoal fire burning with fish on it and bread, and he invited them to eat.

Does the story suggest the surprising riches that Jesus, our Risen Lord, offers us, even when common sense tells us to expect little or nothing? Certainly, his gifts surprised his disciples at the end of that fruitless night. In the mystery of his resurrection, Jesus reveals that life conquers death. But he also brings new dimensions to our lives beyond human plans and expectations. The Risen Lord is a God of surprises. And, as we see in his encounter with Peter, he is a God of surprising love.

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